A legion is a large administrative and military unit of orcs. It consists of 30 warbands. The strength of a legion is over 4500 warriors. The leader of a legion is a Commander.

The legion headquarters consists of:

There are 21 legions in the Horde:

Legion Base
1. legion Blackrock Spire
2. legion Blackrock Spire
3. legion Blackrock Spire
4. legion Blackrock Spire
5. legion Blackrock Spire
6. legion Blackrock Spire
7. legion Grim Batol
8. legion Grim Batol
9. legion Grim Batol
10. legion Grim Batol
11. legion Grim Batol
12. legion Ironforge
13. legion Ironforge
14. legion Dun Modr
15. legion Dun Modr
16. legion Dun Modr
17. legion Dun Modr
18. legion Dun Algaz
19. legion Dun Algaz
20. legion Dun Algaz
21. legion Tol Barad

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