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This wikia contains information about orcs and the orcish society.

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This wikia is about an alternative history of the orcs of the Blizzard's Warcraft Universe after the Second War. The main point is that the orcs did not lose the Second War and kept the regions of Khaz Modan and Eastern Azeroth around Blackrock Spire. The Alliance of Lordaeron has been broken, the humans are weak and the nations are quarreling with each other. Although the orcs are finally getting rid of the demonic curse and returning to their shamanistic roots, they are still in the state of some kind of lethargy. Warchief Orgrim Doomhammer has stepped down and given his position to a new Warchief who now tries to restore the Horde to its former glory. I personally want to thank Blizzard for the great games and the world that have inspired me more than anything else.

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The Orcish Horde